Krøyers Plads



The construction project at Krøyers Plads in Copenhagen was the inspiration behind the development of the Urban cladding tile. Over the course of a decade, numerous ideas were suggested until a new, participative process finally resulted in a project that met the requirements of urban development and was widely accepted by the public. The cladding tiles, which were developed specially for this project, played an important role in this. The project comprises three buildings that closely reflect the volume and structure of the neighbouring historic warehouses. The angled walls and roofs with their many structural accents draw inspiration from the gables and dormers of the surrounding houses.

Copenhagen, Denmark 2016
Cobe Architects, VLA Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects
Mixed use
Urban U, Christianshavn

Atmosphere and quality of life

The open spaces and passageways between the brick façades make Krøyers Plads a true oasis not just for residents but also for the many people who pass through the development every day. The building structures, cladding tiles and natural planting complement one another perfectly, creating an atmosphere of wellbeing.

© All photos: Rasmus Hjortshøj